Legal Tender donations

Legal Tender Donations are very welcomed by our company’s board. Whether your donation is in U.S. Dollars, Euros, or Pesos, it is very helpful. We are in constant need of funding and a donation will help our cause prevail. Every donation, no matter how small, is a large contribution to save orphans’ lives around the world. Let us know whether there are any other types of donations you would be able to provide, all input is appreciated. Just remember, every penny counts.

Supply Donations

Donations are greatly appreciated by our board, and are the best way to help those in need. Raising money through selling bracelets is only a part of the battle. Our company would not have been able to achieve all the things it has achieved to this day without your generous donations. Supply Donations include anything that an orphanage would need. First Aid kits, vitamins, clothes, blankets, etc. are all welcome. It is a great help for the cause and is very commendable. We appreciate every donation no matter how small. Let’s save some lives.


                   If you would like to inquire on how to donate supplies, Fill out the contact form Below!


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.Donate money using your PayPal account. You may input as much money as you would like.


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