A Peace Pick Success Story

Here’s another Peace Pick Success Story submitted to us by one of you. This one is from Marie Ashlin from Irvine, California:

Today was my first day at the office and boy was I scared. My boss walked in and started talking to me and my co-workers to break the ice. We started doing a show-and-tell to get to know eachother, and when it came to be my turn I had nothing. Luckily I was wearing my Peace Pick Bracelet, so I presented that. I told them the whole story about who made it and what the proceeds go to, and they all loved it! My boss even happened to do some charity work on the side, so that was a great conversation starter! Never been so relieved to wear a bracelet! Thank you so much Group of Peace.

Thank you Marie, and we hope you do well around the office like you did contributing to the Cause!
If you have a Peace Pick Success Story, submit it today and you may have a chance of having it posted on our website!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


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